Updating guest lists

When you go to import an updated excel spreadsheet to your guest list you will need to include a minimum of 3 columns, Barcode, First Name and Last Name.

The "Barcode" column in order match the assigned unique identifier to each guest. This can be as simple as assigning a guest a number like “1”, “2”, “3”, etc. *Please note that these barcodes must be unique per each registration.* Below is an example of how barcodes on a spreadsheet should be organized.


When you are matching your fields upon importing, you can match the “Barcode” field to “Barcode” in Boomset’s drop-down menu. The field may also be automatically matched for you.

If you’ve made edits to existing attendees or have added new attendees to the list:
1. Re-upload the list (with the barcodes still present) alongside any changes made in your attendee spreadsheet.
2. Re-upload the list with the new attendees added. Make sure to assign them barcodes as well in case you need to edit the list again.


Once complete, Boomset will show you the following message so as to confirm the changes made:


"2 Guests are ready to import" reflects the 2 new attendees that have been added to the list.
"17 Guests are ready to be updated" reflects the entirety of the attendee list, including all changes.

Two guest lists will show up as imported: the original guest list and the new guest list with the changes. The guest list imported with the changes and 2 new attendees will reflect only the number 2, as this is how many new attendees were added. Note: If you choose to delete the list that was imported most recently the system will only remove the new attendees imported, it will not remove the changes associated with the updated attendees.

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