What are Cashless Payments?

Simplify and promote on-site spending and voucher redemption for a more interactive event by using cashless payments.

Enhance security, eliminate long lines and paper materials, and increase event spending through one practical system! Cashless payments keep things simple for vendors and guests while automating your event revenue management.

Safely store credit cards and voucher credit information in wearable technology for a secure way to purchase merchandise at an event. Extend attendees the opportunity to purchase meal, drink, gift or session credits to be used throughout the event.

Physical drink and meal passes typically come with a badge, and these often fill up trash bins or are lost and scattered throughout the event floor. Replace wasted materials and store ticket information in RFID chips to allow guests to redeem giveaways and event extras in an instant.
Guests can receive their “freebies” with a simple scan or with the tap of their badge/wristband/card, while event organizers can readily collect data that was previously unavailable.

Use all these features and more via a completely customized on-site printed name badge or wristband for an automated, efficient on-site experience.

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