Report Builder

The report builder gives event organizers the ability to customize columns of information they wish to download. Event organizers can also create and schedule reports, which can be exported at a later time.

Types of Reports:

  • Attendee Report
    • shows attendance data for individual attendees in the main event and sessions
  • Order Report
    • shows data from ticket sales for individual attendees
  • Session Statistics
    • shows the number of attendees per session 

To use the report builder you must first create a new report and name it. You can create multiple reports. Then, click on the report name to edit that report.

The Actions column includes these controls:

  • Clone to library: Saves report templates in the group for use in other events
  • Duplicate: Creates an identical copy of a report
  • Edit: Build report, change report name, add recipients
  • Export: Emails an .xlsx file of the report to the email address of the group member who requested it
  • Delete: Deletes the entire report


You must add data columns to build your report. You can include the following:

  • Default/Custom questions
  • Registration info
  • Attendance
  • Sessions
  • Selfies
  • Signatures
  • Lead Retrieval 
  • Email
  • Timeline


Schedule Reports

From here you can schedule the report to be sent to members of your team by creating an email subject line and adding recipients.


Once the report has been sent to your email address, the same document will be available from your export history. The export history will contain all of the reports you have created and can be downloaded at any given time. 


You can also create filters to restrict which guests will show up in the report. For example, you can filter to show only guests that attended the event, or a particular session, or who responded a certain way to the custom questions asked.



The order of the columns can be rearranged by clicking and dragging the two vertical white bars on the right side of the column header.



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