Report Builder

The report builder gives event organizers the ability to customize the columns of information that you wish to download. You can also create and schedule reports to be exported at a later time.

First, you will create a new report and title it.You can create multiple reports. Then you will add a new column, and from here you can include the following:

  • Custom question.
  • Registration type.
  • Sessions.
  • Attendance. 
  • Selfies. 
  • Signatures. 
  • Lead Retrieval. 


From here, you can schedule the report to be sent to any of your members of your team. You can create the email subject line and add the recipients.


Once the report has been sent to your email address, the same document will be available from your export history. The export history will contain all of the reports you have created and can be downloaded at any given time. 




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