Session Design

You can customize your session screen to enhance your attendee's experience when they check into each session! You can choose a background image as the cover for your session screen. Simply upload the image and this will be displayed in the background. Or you can choose a color as the main color of the session screen.


You will then be directed to crop and resize your image. Once editing as finished click on done to complete the process. If you are not happy with the image you can click on cancel and start again.



Speaker/ Moderators

You can add a keynote speaker or sponsor to the session by clicking on the blue add new person button located on the right-hand side.


From here, you can fill in the details of the new person.




You can enter the location of every room where the session will be held. To enter a room, click on the blue add new room/venue button.


from here, you can simply enter the location details and click add.




You can create a detailed or brief description of what the particular session entails. You can also turn on the following:

  • Allow schedule overlap: When enabled, attendees can register for conflicting sessions.
  • Access control: All attendees are allowed in a particular session when turned off. If every attendee can enter a session please ensure this remains turned off. 
  • Hidden session: When enabled, the particular session will not appear on the guest's schedules, kiosks or smart session screens.
  • Session certificate: You can create a certificate that can be sent to eligible attendees.  


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