How to filter a registration type per session

From your Boomset account on the web platform, if every registration type can access a session then leave access control turned off.


If certain registration types can access a session then turn on access control. From here you can turn on the following:

  • Auto Registration: Attendees registered instantly at the door based on access control.
  • Filter Options: When enabled, only specific attendees filtered below can register for this session.

Next, click on add registration type filter and add the registration types who can access the session.


To view the registration types that have been added to a session go to the guestlist app. First, you need to filter the device to a certain registration type. To do this click on registration type filter.


 From here, choose the registration types that are allowed access to a session.


Next, go to the session experience and click on the session you wish to scan attendee into. From here, you can either scan the attendee into a session or search their name.


To search for an attendee, click on search by name and choose the desired attendee.


After you have selected the attendee this will then check them into a session.


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