Assigning a Room to Multiple Sessions

Within Session management you can now assign rooms to each session. To assign Rooms to each session go to the setting tool under Session Management as shown below.  


You can add rooms by selecting “Add New Room/ Venue.”


You can add each Room or Venue with an assigned name and location.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and under “Session Certificate” click “Update” to save the changes to Rooms.


If you have two sessions set to occur at the same time and you assign each to the same room, you will be prompted with the message below. This message can be bypassed by clicking “Save Anyway.” This will allow you to apply one room to multiple sessions. 


To view your Rooms and Sessions, open up the Boomset Guest List and tap the kiosk icon at the top right of the screen as indicated below.


Tap “Session Experience.”


Tap the Room tab in the top right to look at the Rooms available at the event and which Session is associated with it.



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