How to create a session

When creating a session for your event, you can add one session at a time or upload many sessions at once within a single Excel file. Before uploading sessions, you can download and use the sample Excel template as a guide to formatting your sessions. Screen_Shot_2019-08-06_at_2.37.17_PM.png

 Clicking "Add Session" will prompt you to fill in necessary details for this particular session.



Session Details: From here you can fill in important details such as the name of the session, session capacity, as well as the starting and ending times.

Session Design: Upload a background image for Session Experience

Speakers/Moderators: If there are any speakers/moderators for this session, you can add their information here.


Location: Here you can add a new location, or select a preexisting location for this session.

Track: Tracks are used to group sessions based on the time at which they occur. For example, if you have 3 sessions starting at 9am, 10am, and 11am, they could be grouped together under a track titled "Morning Sessions".

Tags: Tags are used to group together sessions based on their time category. For example, .if you have 3 sessions titled “Hair Cutting”, “Hair Coloring”, and “Hair Blow Drying”, they could be grouped under a tag titled "Hair Styling".

Learn more about adding tracks and tags here.

Badge Format: Type the session name as you would like it to appear on the printed badge

Description: Here you can add any sessions details not previously outlined. This information will be displayed on the kiosk mode when guests are viewing/editing their schedule.

*Note* You must repeat these processes for every session that you create, unless you upload multiple sessions


Access Control: Here you can manage which type of guests can access this session via a custom question answer or registration type. Please note that if no filter is set, guests cannot access this session. Learn more about adding filters here.


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