Designing your name badge

Add desired fields to your badge. These fields range from anything to dynamic fields from an import, to a static text box or image, to various scannable barcodes.

Change the font, text size, and placement of any fields added using the toolbar above the badge designe and the arrow icon at the bottom left of the text box.

Delete a field by clicking on it and choosing the trash can at the top right of the text box.

You must include a QR code if you will be having session or Lead Retrieval scanning at your event.

*If you wish to add a selfie photo you will need to check-in your guests using Kiosk Mode and will have to toggle on “Capture Picture” in Design>Kiosk Mode>Check-in.  

If you see a Boomset watermark on your badge, it means that your account has not yet been upgraded to our paid, Premium version. Contact Boomset for more information.

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