Kiosk Mode > Start

As the event organizer, you have the ability to customize your own kiosk screen. Your welcome message will appear at the top of the device’s screen when attendees approach the check-in kiosk. You can customize the font, text size, alignment, text color, and highlight color using the tool-bar above the text edit box.

The first step will be creating a welcome message. If you are having difficulty editing this text, make sure to highlight the text within the edit box to make changes. 


Next, you have the option to customize a welcome screen that will be displayed on the kiosk. If you would like to customize this screen please make sure that this feature is turned on. From here you can upload your own image by clicking on the blue “Upload your Image” button and finding the file you wish to upload via your computer, and choosing “Open”. The ideal dimensions needed to perfectly fit your image onto the screen is 448x597 pixels.

To delete an image you've previously uploaded click on “Remove image”

If you wish to change your image to a solid color background, you can add an HTML Color Code or you can select the white box to choose from a color wheel. You can also change the color of the Start button by adding the HTML Color Code, or selecting the white box to choose from a color wheel.


Advanced Settings

From here, you have the ability to turn on customize features that you want your attendees to see upon self-checking into the event. 

You can also set the kiosk password from this section which means your guests cannot log themselves out of the application or have the ability to view the information of other attendees.


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