Checking in/out a guest

You have two ways to check a guest in or out:

1. Search by guest information shown in the app columns (default columns are Name, Company, Email, and Paid; see how to change these default selections here) or scroll through the guest list to find guest name manually. Once you have found the guest you want to check-in, press the green “Check-in” button.

2. You also have the option to scan QR codes to check-in guests. Scan a guest’s QR code on their ticket by tapping the green “Scan” button on the upper right-hand side of your guest list. Align the barcode/QR code inside the green viewfinder. Once the code is scanned, the guest will automatically be checked-in.

To check-out a guest, you can either tap the gray “check-out” button next to the guest you wish to check-out, or, from the scanning screen, toggle the button from “Check-in” to “Check-out,” and re-scan the guest’s QR code.

If you are printing badges at your event, the Boomset app will automatically default to “Auto-Print” upon check-in (see how to change this setting here).

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