Status Bar

In the Boomset app, at the bottom of every page, there will be a status bar that gives you an indication of printer connectivity, app version information, and sync status.

Printer connectivity

If you have successfully connected your printer to your device, the printer icon will be green, and will say: Zebra/Brother printer is connected.

If you get disconnected or lose connection, the printer icon will be yellow. It will continue to search for the printer if your connection is still on but spotty and will say: Zebra/Brother printer is trying to reconnect.

If you are completely disconnected from the printer, the printer icon will be red. At this point check the "Printer Setup" section to see if the printer has become unselected. If there is no green checkmark next to the printer then the printer has been unselected. Select the printer you are connecting the iPad to and check to see if your status bar changes.

If no printers are showing up on the "Printer Setup" section, then there is a connectivity issue. Check your iPad's settings to make sure that both the printer and iPad are on the same internet connection. 


Sync status

Next to the printer icon in the status bar, there will be a sync update. If your events and guest list have fully synced, meaning the list is downloaded, there will be a green sync symbol and it will also say: Sync Completed.

If your events/guest list has not fully downloaded, the status bar will have a blue sync symbol and will say: requesting event updates OR downloading events OR requesting guest updates. There will also be a percentage that will indicate how much of your guest list has downloaded.


Boomset version

The bottom right-hand corner of the status bar will show you the Boomset version you are using. Make sure to update Boomset's app to the latest version to ensure the most seamless experience.

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