How can I collect payment on-site?

In order to collect payment on-site during your events you will have to set up a payment process.

You can refer to our article on linking Stripe or to see how to set up those payment platforms.

If you are accepting credit card payments you must also purchase swipe devices. You can purchase these through our rental contact, Choose2Rent.

Open the Boomset Guest List app. Select the "Walk-In" option. The registration form will show up along with the associated price for each registration type.

Boomset allows you to accept different forms of payment as well. You have the option of: credit card, cash, check, complimentary, and more. Simply press the "Payment Type" section and a pop-up window will come up with your choices.

Once you have selected the appropriate form of payment, simply fill out the rest of your registration form and select the "Next" button on the top right corner. The registration will be completed.

*Please Note* You must have a package of On-Demand or higher in order to collect payment.

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