Custom notifications with custom messages

When implementing custom check-in notifications, you will need to add two columns to your .XLSX guest list. Those columns should be titled "Custom Notification Recipients" and "Custom Notification Message". In the column titled "Custom Notification Recipients", you can add email addresses and/or phone numbers. Ensure that cells with more than one recipient are separated by commas, see below. 
**Please note - Do not include parentheses, lines, dots or any other special characters in phone numbers while uploading your .XLSX. The exception to this is international phone numbers, which require the '+' symbol, followed by the country code (for instance, +448001234567).
In the column titled “Custom Notification Message”, you can add messages specific to a guest such as “John Doe has arrived" or "Remember to speak with Mr. Doe." This message will be sent to the recipients via an SMS or email when John Doe checks into the event. 
When your .XLSX guest list is ready to be imported, go to Import A Guest List in the Manage section of your event and select upload. You can now choose your .XLSX and match your columns accordingly. 
Custom notifications without custom messages: 
In the event that a custom message is unnecessary, you can simply import your .XLSX guest list without the column titled "Custom Notification Message". This will then send only the guest's name and time of check in.
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