Allow Lead Retrieval users to download their scanned lead reports from the web platform

Exhibitors and sponsors have the ability, if they so choose, to download a report of scanned leads from a past event straight from the web platform.

To access the section where leads are recorded and stored, the exhibitors or sponsors must log into the Boomset web platform using the credentials used to log into the Lead Retrieval application. Next, click on Lead Retrieval:


A list of the events the exhibitors or sponsors may have attended and scanned leads to will appear. Simply choose the event you wish to download:


From here, the exhibitors or sponsors can view all of the data captured during the live event.


The exhibitors and sponsors can also click on any of the leads on the web platform, which will pull up their contact information from which they can see any notes that were taken and their details:


The exhibitors or sponsors can also filter to view any hot, warm or cold leads. In order to do this, they can simply click on the filter displayed for “Total”, “Hot”, “Warm” or “Cold”:


If the exhibitors or sponsors wish to export a file containing all leads scanned at a past even then they can simply click on “Export Leads”, which is located within the past event on the right-hand side of the page:



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