Event organizers can create a report within their group and it will be displayed in the analyze section on Boomset for all of their events. This will be most helpful if the event organizers run several events throughout the year! To create a report within a group go to library and click on reports.


Next, name your report and select the type of report you wish to create:

Types of Reports:

  • Attendee Report
    • shows attendance data for individual attendees in the main event and sessions
  • Order Report
    • shows data from ticket sales for individual attendees
  • Session Statistics
    • shows the number of attendees per session 


Next, click on the report name to edit. Add new columns and chose what information you would like to see on the group report.


Event organizers can now see their report template which they can edit at any time by clicking on the report name.


If the event organizer would like to use the report for a particular event, they can do this in the Report tab of the Analyze section. Click "Create Report" and "Duplicate from Library". The dropdown menu will show reports that can be pulled from the library. 


Next, select the report that you wish to use for this event and click "Create".

The report that was created in the group will generate into this event and the event organizer can add more details to the report if they wish from the report builder.

*** Only available for Expert subscription holders ***

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