Using Lead Retrieval anonymously, as a guest

When you are added as a Lead Retrieval user for an event, you will receive an email confirmation containing a QR code. 


This QR code can be scanned by anyone using the Lead Retrieval app prior to logging in. This will allow the user to scan leads that will be accessible by the exhibitor without having to login to each device individually.

If you are exhibiting at an event and would like to scan leads without logging in, please select "Scan a Code" upon opening the green Lead Retrieval app.


This will prompt you to scan the QR code that was sent to you by whomever purchased the license. If you did not receive a QR code, first make sure that no one else on your team received one. If no one on your team received a code, please contact the event organizer.


After scanning the code provided in the email, your license will be validated and you will be prompted to either sign in as a guest or link to an existing Boomset account. 


If you choose to sign in as a guest, you will be prompted to create a 4-digit PIN. As a guest, this will act as a password and the QR code will act as your username. Anyone with the QR code and PIN can sign into your account and start scanning leads.



After either signing in as a guest or linking to your Boomset account, you will be brought to the Dashboard where you can select "Add Lead" to start scanning leads.


For a one-page instructional document to send out, please see our one-pager on using Lead Retrieval as a guest.

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