Session scanning with Registration Merge

The Registration Merge functionality can be used to scan attendees into sessions for which they had purchased tickets on the registration platform.

For example, if an attendee had purchased both a General Admission ticket and a Dance Party ticket from the registration platform using the same First Name, Last Name, and Email Address, the tickets are merged together on the app as shown here:


You may want to only print a badge or pair an NFC device for the General Admission ticket. With Registration Merge, any registration with an associated Dance Party ticket will be able to be scanned into the session.

To design this, set up a session on the event page:


Then, scroll down on the Session settings page to adjust the access control settings.

1.) Toggle Access Control on to be able to filter the session to only accept ticket types.

2.) Enable Auto Registration to register attendees as soon as they're scanned. They will only be allowed to register if they meet the filter requirements below.

3.) Enable "Filter Options" and select the Registration Type associated with the ticket that gives access to the desired session.


Any ticket in a merge with a Dance Party ticket will now be able to access the Dance Party session. If you'd like to print badges for the General Admission registration type with a QR code or RFID, access will be granted to that badge as long as they are associated with a Dance Party ticket. 

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