Designing Your Name Badge V2

Add desired fields to your badge. These fields range from anything to dynamic fields from an import, to a static text box or image, to various scannable barcodes.

Change the font, text size, and placement of any fields added using the toolbar.

*Note: fields will automatically adjust font size if the text in that field is larger than the field allows.

Delete a field by selecting it and clicking the trash icon at the top right corner of the text box.

You must include a QR code if you will be having session or Lead Retrieval scanning at your event.

*If you wish to add a selfie photo, check-in your guests using Kiosk Mode and turn ON “Selfie” in Design > Kiosk Mode > Check-in.  


Merge Fields

There are two ways to manually merge fields on a badge:

1. Stacked fields > select the desired field, click another variable field from the Guest Info list. 

In this example, [First Name] is added to the badge. Selecting this field and clicking [Last Name] will stack these two criteria in the same field. 


2. Listed fields > select the desired field, double-click the field and type "[" (left bracket).

In this example, [First Name] is added to the badge. Selecting this field and double-clicking it will allow you to edit the field. Type "[" (left bracket) to see a list of optional fields to add.  


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