Setting up Facial Recognition

*Facial Recognition is an add-on expense for Enterprise Account holders only*

1. Event Page

To locate the Facial Recognition section, go to the Event Dashboard and scroll down to Security.


Click on Facial Recognition to open the settings menu. 


Turn ON Facial Recognition

  • Attendee Email Notification will automatically send out notification emails to attendees.
  • Skip Consent is optional if the attendees have already pre-enrolled and signed the facial recognition consent document. When pre-enrolled attendees arrive at the event, they will scan their face and confirm their identity to check-in.  

Turn ON Selfie in the Event Page

  •  Design > Event Page > scroll down to Post Registration 


2. Kiosk Mode (if applicable)

Go to Design > Kiosk Mode > Checking In

Check-in Settings > Turn ON Facial Recognition


Feature Settings > Turn ON Selfie for All Registration Types

  • Skip Enrolled if attendees previously enrolled and applied a selfie.
    • Pre-enrolled attendees will skip taking a selfie and signing the consent form during check-in.
    • Non Pre-enrolled and Walk-in attendees must take a selfie and sign the facial recognition consent form during check-in. 


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