Customized Badge Field Visibility

Event organizers can customize the visibility of badge fields as they appear on the Guest List App preview and on the printed badge. 


  • Create fewer badge templates for multiple registration types
  • Printed fields are conditional for Registration Type or Custom Question requirements

The Visibility button is located under the blue Registration Types button. 


To change field visibility, select a field on the badge and click the Visibility button. 

This will open Visibility Settings, where the selected badge field's visibility can be filtered by Registration and/or custom question answer. 


*Important: "And"/"Or" logic*

1. "And" logic only: all values must be TRUE for the field to print

  • Custom Questions use "And" logic
  • The attendee must have all filtered questions answered. 

2. "Or" logic only: only one value must be TRUE for the field to print

  • Registration Types use "Or" logic
  • Attendees can only have one registration type. 
  • The guest only needs to match one of the filtered registration types. 

3. "And"/"Or" logic together: rules above apply if filtering by both Registration and Custom Question when using the And/Or toggle in the Visibility Settings above.

  • "And" requires both filtered conditions on Registration and Custom Question to be TRUE to print
  • "Or" allows either Registration or Custom Question to be TRUE to print



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