Custom Emails Overview

*Sending custom emails to attendees will spend Attendee Credits*

Custom Emails enable event organizers to design the email template that is sent out to attendees in advance before attending the event. Event organizers have two template options: Blank or Boomset Default Template. The Email Customization page offers a familiar experience similar to the Badge Designer V2. 

To locate Email Customization, Go to the Design tab and click on Email.


Email Customization Template Options:

1. Blank Template

A blank template allows the event organizer to design their own email using default/custom fields, a company logo, QR code and HTML format. 

When using a custom HTML code you can select "Code View" and input your code directly into Boomset.

2. Boomset Default Template

A Boomset Default template allows the event organizer to customize a pre-designed template. Custom/default fields, QR code and Apple/Google pay links are arranged by default. 

Custom Email Recipients:

*Important: If you have multiple saved templates you must ensure attendees receive the correct template. There are two ways to confirm:

1. Delete any test/unused templates


2. Turn off all registration types associated with that test/unused template


*Note: The "reply to" email in the custom email template will populate with the group owner's email by default. 



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