How to access the live Chat, Backstage, and Q&A

Within a session, the speaker has the opportunity if the event organizer or admin has set these features to view live Chat, Backstage, and Q&A within a session.

  • The Chat is where attendees who registered to a session can communicate with each other live.
  • Backstage is where speakers and event admins can communicate with each other. This can be used to troubleshoot any technical issues or to instruct a speaker to take a certain action. None of the registered attendees will see the content.
  • Q&A is only for registered attendees in which they can submit their questions to the speakers during a live broadcast. 

To access these features, the speaker must go to the session on the virtual platform in which they are presenting. From there, on the right-hand side of the page, they will be able to see Backstage, live Chat, and Q&A.


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