Attendee App Menu Settings

This article is intended to educate event organizers on how to enable certain features and functionalities in a session. 

After you have created your event in Boomset and have created a session, you will need to go to Manage > Attendee App > Menu Settings

Below you will see the full view of the Attendee App Menu Settings.



This arrow shows the On/Off toggle for each individual tab. Having the toggle Off, it will not appear on the Virtual Platform's frontend.



"Menu Title" is where you can change the name of this tab whatever best suits your events' theme. For example instead of "Sessions", it could be "Stages" or "Rooms".



"Menu Order" is where you can change the order of how these tabs appear on the Virtual Platform's frontend. Choosing the order of your layout is as simple as numbering each as you see fit in ascending numerical order.



Be sure to click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page, this will have all your changes appear on the Virtual Platform's frontend.


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