How to access the Virtual Platform as an Attendee

First, go to, or open the Boomset Event App, and enter in your email address (note that the email address must be the same as the email address you provided to the event organizer).



You will receive an email from Boomset containing a magic link allowing you to log onto the platform and see the list of events you have been added to.


If you do not see your event, you are likely using a different email address than the one added to the event, or you have not yet been added. Please reach out to the event organizer to confirm if you've been added, and under which email address.


Once you are in the event, go to the Sessions tab (note that this may have been renamed by the organizer, look for the calendar icon) to view a list of the sessions and select the session you would like to view.

You may add and remove sessions from your schedule using the button on the far right.


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