How to access the Community

After you've entered your virtual event on the left hand of the screen you click on the Community tab.

*Please note the event organizer can change the name from "community" to "Networking" for example.*



After this, you will be able to connect with all the attendees at your event who have their profile accessible to the public.Screen_Shot_2020-08-18_at_4.32.38_PM.png


You are able to make your profile Private or Public within the Community section, by toggling it On or Off.

  • Toggled On: If your Profile is toggled in the On position your profile is public and can be searched by other attendees and they can reach out to you via direct message. Screen_Shot_2020-08-19_at_12.24.47_PM_2.png
  • Toggled Off: If your Profile is toggled in the Off position your profile is private and you can not be searched for and you will not appear on the list of attendees in the community section. Please note while your profile is private you can still message other attendees directly and have video calls with them.Screen_Shot_2020-08-19_at_12.35.23_PM.png





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